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You’re at the right place. GeBe Exchange is a revolutionary idea that brings the World’s Safest Crypto Exchange where hackers can’t get anything out. How?

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Blockchain Securities

At GEBE Exchange, you have the facility to trade in Blockchain based Securities,  blockchain assets and Security Tokens based on ERC20 standards and Ethereum.

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Unlike other crypto exchanges, we don’t have any security holes for the hackers so you can trade with peace of mind that your data will never be hacked.

Your trading data is real time ad safe!

Token Listing

We know listing your newly made custom ERC20 token is not much easy to list with any exchange to facilitate your clients so they can trade in your equities. With Gebe Exchange, you can do the same in minutes.

Blockchain Securities

Blockchain Securities are the most confident way of trading in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain provides you safety of tempering real time and original data, once cannot make any change in the blockchain database so the blockchain securities are the applications offering you the shares of their part in a digital way.

You will receive your part automatically similar to the Share trading in ordinary Stock Market.

New ERC20 Token’s Listings

We are going to support the largest part of Ethereum Blockchain Industry. Right! Its ERC20 Token’s Listing to the Exchange. You will be covered by our own currency GEBEC and as soon as you fill the form, you will see your token listed on our exchange. 

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We believe cryptocurrency are unlimited so same is the Gebe Exchange. We are going to make it limitless so you go on trading and forget about the security of your funds. 

Why Gebe?

Only Gebe Exchange will give you the sense of security right in the field of cryptocurrency. Here is the set of informatin you have a quick look. 

Fast and Global

We are globally operated Exchange, having 5 years of portfolio in digital assets. You will find it Fast and global. 



Absolutely irreversible, Gebe Exchange have full automatic procedure to control the trading data and no one can change it. 


More than 100% Secure. We are World’s Safest Crypto Exchane and let me assure you we are going to have an award for it. 

Guaranteed Security

At Gebe, Your funds are secured more than 100%. We will cover your losses 105% if they are compromized. 

Crypto Wallet

You will have a digital wallet, all your assets deposited in any currency will be converted into GEBEC automatically. 

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Digital Currency Market Analysis

We are providing you from right in the beginning, A safe digital market analysis report. We wil be with you, in touch every time, with a new update.

At Gebe, You will feel honored, safe and secure with in time state of the art technical analysis and prices suggestions similar to forex market deep market analysis. 


Our Experts

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Nicholas Williams

Founder and CEO

Sam Chow

Founder & Operational Director

Hara Prasad Hota

Chef Blockchain Dev

Victor Chu

APAC Marketing Director

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